St. John's - Pevensey Road

Regular Services

Our regular weekly services are:

Sunday 8 a.m.            Inside church during Sunday worship
Said Mass (short spoken service, with some Covid precautions still voluntarily in place, for those who feel more vulnerable at the current time)

Sunday 10.30 a.m. 
Sung Parish Mass (Service with hymns and music. We request that masks are worn for singing)


Wednesday 10 a.m. 
Said Mass in Church

Wednesday 10 a.m.

Online "Zoom" service. Please email our Administrator, on admstjohns30@gmail.com, to obtain a "link" to join in!

Weekdays 9.00 a.m. (except Weds) 
Morning Prayer in Church


To get a feel of what our main Sunday service is like go to
 A Typical Sunday Service