St. John's Pevensey Road

Prayer in Church

Private Prayer in Church

As the country follows the "roadmap" to gradually emerge from Covid lockdown, we are now able to open for private prayer on weekday mornings, following Morning Prayer at 9 a.m.


The current arrangements are:

We will enter by the North Porch and exit through the organ door. Please pick up a candle and a prayer sheet if you wish, and feel free to take the prayer sheet home with you *.

Hand sanitizer is available on both entry and exit please use it. If you choose to sit, the chair will be sanitised after use.

You must keep the usual 2 metre (6’7”) distance between yourself and others who are not part of your household or social bubble.

It would be good for those of us who can come to this holy place for prayer to remember to pray for those who cannot.


* the prayer sheet is also available as a PDF download HERE

pic of church interior - link to prayer sheet PDF